My hunt for the great green whale

My hunt for the great green whale

Jul 29, 2013

Every collector has a wish list. Some are extensive while others are limited to just a few choice pieces; it is the nature of collecting. I always have something to seek out, whether for me, a friend of mine, or even my business, the list is endless. In many ways it is probably like the thrill hunters get from pursuing animals; the difference is that what I do doesn’t lead to dead birds, bears, or Bambis. I think I like my sport better.

Some items are elusive because they are pricey and if we are smart we hold out for a great deal. Other pieces are highly sought after, and despite being fairly abundant, the supply is not quite there to meet the demand. Eventually, with a bit of patience, the experienced collector can bag these trophies. There is of course a third category– the pieces that are just plain-old tough to find where relatively few exist and finding them is just darn near impossible. Today I have one such toy for you here.

I was at a comic shop owned by a friend of mine. Like me, he is a fan of the Hulk and over the years has amassed an impressive haul of toys. For the most part we have the same items; some of what he has I had passed on because they didn’t appeal to me, I am not a completest by any stretch of the imagination. He did, however, have one figure that was simply magnificent. I had never seen one before and asked him about it; unfortunately he knew nothing other than he got it at a show from a guy he knew. Luckily for me I thought to pull out my smartphone and snap a picture. The hunt was now on.

Beyond the photograph I was flying blind. The toy was locked away in a case and I was not able to inspect it for any telltale markings to identify it further. The hunt would have been a little easier if I could have done that.

Boy, did I search and search all over the place, and I couldn’t even find mention of it online. Curses! My quest lay dormant for about a year. Sure I would periodically revisit it, but quickly ended back in the same place… NOWHERE! Double curses!!

One day a fellow collector, and curator of the great toy blog Poe Ghostal, made one of his regular visits to my shop. He and I always chat about our collecting adventures and I figured I would see if he had any insight into my mysterious green friend. I decided he might know, or at least know someone, who could identify this Hulk figure for me. Off the bat he had no idea but boy was he fast– later that day I got a text with the answer… sir, I bow down to your superior sleuthing skills.

Anyway, that was about two years ago, and it was not until a couple of weeks ago that I finally managed to get my paws on the object of my obsessive hunt. He is here now, safe and sound in Fortress ToyNerd, check this out.


At 15″ tall, he is huge and finally about the right size to be in scale with other superhero figures. Made by Hamilton Gifts in 1991, this is one awesome Hulk figure.


He is made from a soft vinyl material and has only three points of articulation: both shoulders and the waist. Not much I know, but frankly I don’t care, this guy was made for displaying and that is about it.


This figure portrays the kind of Hulk I love the most; maybe not exactly the one from the late sixties and in to the seventies, but the idea is generally the same. A shaggy mop of hair, broad shoulders, bulbous muscles, all topped off with his cool shredded purple pants. I’ll have none of that modern day, uber-ripped Hulk, thank you very much.


I was going to say that typically you don’t find the figure with his tag as it is just looped around his wrist, but that would be silly given that typically you can’t find the figure at all, with or without the tag.


The copy on the tag is priceless and I wish I had written it.

You may remember a piece about Hulk banks that I posted recently (click here for a reminder), well I did have another one that I was saving for this very post. Check this out and see why.


Also made by Hamilton Gifts and released in 1991, surprise, surprise, this is a Hulk head bank.


As you can see, the sculpt for the head is exactly the same as the one used for the figure, just scaled up to 6″. Sneaky.

I love them both, I just wish they were easier to get a hold of. The bank seems to be more common and can be found for about $40-50. With the figure being so tough to locate, the price tag is much higher. In the past two years I have seen this listed just twice on eBay, period. Expect to shell out close to $200 for this baby and be warned the bidding will be fierce. Luckily for me I can just sit back on the sidelines from the comfort of my chair and just watch the rest of you duke it out.

My great green whale has finally been captured; I may now rest a while.

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  1. Wow! That really is a fantastic figure. Very cool.

  2. I’m digging his clavicles! (is that weird?)

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