Bopping along to Battlestar Galactica

Bopping along to Battlestar Galactica

Aug 14, 2013

Most of you already know that in the world of sci-fi television that Battlestar Galactica is the thing of legends. Bursting on to screens in 1978 it has since spiraled in to several spin-offs/reimaginings and ultimately almost 140 episodes detailing the history, and of course pre-history, of a rag tag bunch of colonists fleeing the evil Cylons. The premise is simple, and as far as I am concerned it is pure TV gold. Please give me more Galactica, thanks.

Over the years, as you might expect with a property like this, it has proven to be a merchandising bonanza. The initial series was released, in part, due to the runaway success of Star Wars. If a movie could make a ton of money telling stories of aliens and spaceships then so could a television series. In the end I think they were right, although my guess is that George Lucas ended up with a few more zeroes at the end of his paycheck than the Galactica folks did.

The year 2013, though not the most poetic of numbers, is actually the 35th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica first hitting the small screen. Who ever thought that the show would have such legs? No one, except of course for actor Richard Hatch who played Apollo in the original show. He campaigned tirelessly to get the show relaunched pretty much from the moment the initial 24 episodes had wrapped. Luckily for us his persistence finally paid off.


The past few years have been a boon for Galactica collectors and we have been given a slew of cool items to feast our eyes on.


One such piece is this cool bobble head of Apollo flying in his pint sized viper. Made by Bif Bang Pow!, this super-deformed style figure is just 5.5″ tall and about 6″ long.


Crafted from hard resin, the detail is pretty amazing for such a small piece.


Though not perfect, the likeness is pretty good for Apollo.


Priced at just $15 I think the paint job is quite spectacular, specially when you look at the viper. Love it.


One piece of design I particularly like on this item is the base, or in this case lack thereof. So many bobble heads are clumsily finished by plopping them down on a non descript, black, circular base. If you have a few of these displayed next to each other the repetitiveness gets tiring fast. Here they have opted to simply flatten the underside of the ship and just leave it at that. Congrats, sometimes less is in fact more.

Overall it is pretty tough to fault this piece so I won’t. Now run along folks and go buy one, if you don’t I am sure we will never see a Cylon in a raider or even Adama in the Battlestar. I think I need to stop now before my imagination runs away with me and I get over excited.

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  1. The Goog /

    Not too shabby, I am fairly well over the novelty of bobbleheads, but this one is at least unique.

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