Gotta be safe while on ToyWatch

Gotta be safe while on ToyWatch

Aug 21, 2013

Is it a toy? Just a collectible? After all these years I still have no idea. On this blog I have written about banks, mugs, wall hangings, and even spray bottles. Toys? I guess it is irrelevant and I will continue to write about whatever grabs my fancy. My general rule is that if any particular item would not look out of place on a shelf full of more mainstream toys then I am willing to call them toys as well. Realistically, why worry about it? It’s not like people on the internet are likely to split hairs and nit pick [please note tongue inserted firmly into cheek].

Today I have a piece that would fit loosely into the category of toy. Recently I was on the road for a meeting and made a brief detour to hit up a cool shop in the middle portion of the state. This is something I have done hundreds of times before, and more often than not it leads to some cool, ultra random discovery. This side trip was no different.

I wandered around the store and saw the usual selection of comics and toys, as I toured the periphery of the shop I noticed something, tucked up high on a shelf, something I now decided I wanted. One of the friendly staff pulled it down and told me that they had only had the item for a couple of days, he continued that they were pretty sure that despite being cool the piece was not likely to sell anytime soon. How wrong they were. Check this out.


Quite simply, it is a Baywatch branded rescue float.



Apparently in 1996 all it would have taken for you to join David Hasselhoff and his “Team of Lifeguard” was this 26″ long, regulation sized hard plastic flotation device.



The item itself is pretty nondescript, basically I was just paying for the label, but for about $10 I thought it was totally worth it.



I mean seriously!

To be honest, I never watched the show, but given that I always loved Knight Rider I have always held a soft spot for the works of the Hoff. As a caveat to that last statement we should of course forget that he had a successful singing career in Germany (yikes) and also, his now infamous, drunken cheeseburger rant.

This piece was made in Italy, hence the poor grammar on the label, by Matplast. Interestingly it was imported to the US by Come Play Products Co. located right in Worcester, MA, coincidentally the exact spot I found myself buying it some 17 years later. I love coincidences like that.

Inspired by my most recent purchase I ventured down to my local park, with the intrepid Ms. ToyNerd as an accomplice, and made the following video clip for your viewing pleasure. How could we resist?

In terms of value, I am sure it is only whatever anyone was willing to pay. As a fun, kitsch item I am guessing $20-25 would be fair.


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  1. That would be totally boring if not for the packaging, with it, it’s totally stupidly fun. Too bad you can’t use it without destroying that label.

  2. Actually the label is just wrapped around the float and held in place with a single piece of tape. Why? You want to go borrow it and go for a dip?

  3. Why aren’t you running in a speedo?

  4. Mathew /

    The video is hypnotic.

  5. Because you refuse to return mine, Gary

  6. Garth /

    You totally need to film this at the Arlington Reservoir beach down the road from you.

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