Turtle Power… or is it?

Turtle Power… or is it?

May 12, 2014

As a collector there are just times when you see something and all that you hear in your head is buy, buy, Buy, BUY! I had one such moment recently.

It is a common fact that I like goofy toys, it is even more well known that that I love bootleg and particularly knock off toys. The whole idea that a manufacturer produces something close enough to piggy back a sale off an existing brand, but different enough to avoid all the nuisance cease and desist letters that are usually issued when you steal things in a, shall we say, more blatant way. Today’s offering is a gem of a knock off toy.

Check this out…

Ninja Hero Rider 2

At this point I am assuming that the same fireworks that went off in my head are starting to ignite in yours. If not, scroll back and look at that picture again.

Ninja Hero Rider 1

You would be mistaken if you thought this had anything to do with the huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle empire, I mean why would you? This is obviously theĀ  Ninja Hero Rider which is nothing like the aforementioned turtles at all.

Ninja Hero Rider 3

Our hero in this case is an eye patch wearing frog… yeah, I said eye patch.

Ninja Hero Rider 4

I might add, an eye patch wearing frog, with a lily pad leaf on his back which I am guessing is either armor or some kind of shield he can pull out when needed. Obviously he is not a turtle, or in fact any kind of reptile at all. Obviously that is not a shell on his back. OBVIOUSLY.

Made by DA in Taiwan, this figure is made from a heavy blow molded plastic and stands an impressive 7″ tall. I have no idea on the date of manufacture, but my guess is that it is quite recent as I have not seen this piece anywhere before.

Ninja Hero Rider 7

He comes armed and ready with all the tools needed to be a truly effective ninja hero rider.

Ninja Hero Rider 6

Our hero’s steed is even more impressive. At 11″ tall and 12″ long, not only does it have an awe inspiring curly mane and tail, but it is also battery operated. Flip the switch on his belly and off he gallops in what can only be described as a painfully slow walk.

Ninja Hero Rider 5

There is a second version of this where the frog has red instead of blue details, he also has a bright yellow horse. Yup, you will need some sunglasses for that one, that’s for sure.

I snagged the one you see here for about $25, I have seen them typically selling for about $50.

My advice, hunt one of these down, this maybe the funnest addition to my collection in quite some time.


  1. Wow. Is the frog wearing a noose?

  2. Now that is cool. Good thing there are not four in his team or you would have to have them all, with their horses.

  3. This looks fun and cool!

  4. This one is legendary among bootleg toy collectors! Perhaps one day I will own an elusive Ninja Hero Rider.

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